Off to Kalgoorlie

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

We continued north and practiced already a bit with the dirt road. Our campground we have picked out for the night was off-road and nicely situated in the bush. The stars are just mind-blowing so we practiced a bit with star trails. Well the moon ruined it or we have to plan a bit better next time. You need new moon to take a picture with a 30 minutes aperture.

But watching the stars, having a glass of port wine was really nice.

To drive the Great Central Road we had to get the permit in Kalgoorlie since the 1200km dirt road goes through Aborigine land. In the city we met some strange people – well those gold miners are special. Off we went to Leonora but Nadine forgot to turn off the light so the battery was dead. Luckily we have a jump starter. Why can’t there be this reminding beeping sound when you forgot to turn off the light?

Since we have a small tank - only 48 ltr. – we decided to buy a second 20 ltr. Spare tank to manage the distances between the roadhouses on the Great Central Road. You can get only opal unleaded on this track because the Aborigines sniff unleaded and opal you can’t sniff it.

It is really sad how most Aborigines live here. There are similarities to the Native Americans. Put away in Communities they have bad drinking problems, no work and most of them don’t use the possibilities of school and studying. Till 1960s the white Australians totally ignored the Aborigines – so they didn’t exist for the society.

We are looking forward to see their land – the center of Australia, untouched, no industry, just pure nature. How Australia had been…