Valle de Viñales

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Cuba

It felt like entering Jurassic Park when we got to Viñales. With its mogotes (outcrops) it seemed surreal and we almost expected to see dinosaurs. The little town Viñales consists mainly of very colourful one-story houses and porches with rocking chairs.  

This was the perfect area to relax from all our city excursions. We found a nice, quiet spot and explored the valley. With an American Coche we had the opportunity to see different caves, a tobacco plantation and an ecological farm. Forget about the Mural de la Prehistoria, a big painting on a wall from the 1960s about the evolution. It’s not worth the money.

But the caves where fascinating. The Cueva de Viñales had a huge restaurant in front and at the end we got picked up in a horse-drawn carriage. On the underwater river of the Cueva del Indio we crossed the cave in a little boat and we always bet the big tourist groups.

After visiting a tobacco plantation we got an unofficial tour in the Cueva de Santo Tomas, the biggest cave in Cuba. It gave us a chance to get a little glance of the 46 km long cave system.

The next day we strolled around on our own and found a cave running all the way through the mountain. After our eyes adjusted to the dark we crossed the mountain which saved us quite some time to get back to Viñales.

For sure we had to see the valley from the back of a horse. And so it came that my parents were hopping along with us for the very first time on a horse. My mom looked like a pro and didn’t get irritated with the little contest going on between Michaels and my dad’s horse. Mojito, Nici’s horse was so relaxed, we had to wait for them all the time. The name seemed to have an influence on the mood of the horse. What a fun day we had.

After such relaxing days we had to get ready for Havanna. If you visit Cuba don’t miss out on Valle de Viñales.

Accommodation: Casa Juana Collera, Calle Camilo Cienfuegos Este No. 52 e/
                          Juaquin Pérez y Ramón Coro Reparto 26 de Julio, Viñales
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Price: Double bed, own bathroom $25
          Triple bed, own bathroom $30

Comment: nice place away from the main road, helpful landlords