Punta Gorda - all the way in the south

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Belize


Since we were still in relax-mode we took the nine o’clock from Caye Caulker back to Belize City. Island time left us late so we missed the bus and had to wait for two hours. 

The recommendation from our hostel to take a cab and not walk around Belize City was understandable. Due to our waiting time we could observe the scene at the bus station. 

It was going crazy since we have Easter week and it seemed half Belize wanted to take a bus. So you had to stand in line – which got a bit out of hand – and had to push hard to charge for the bus. If you were lucky you would get a seat otherwise you had to wait for the next bus. 

This didn’t look too satisfying for our bus but we were lucky and not a lot of people wanted to travel all the way south. But the bus filled up on its way. Following the Hummingbird Highway we could see the beautiful nature of Belize. With 40 percent of Nature Reserves and Marine Parks Belize has a lush vegetation. 

After a 7 hours bus ride we arrived late in Punta Gorda and the bus conductor asked us where we want to go. The bus terminal was already closed and not to save in the night so the bus let us out at our guesthouse. 

The Nature Way Guesthouse would need a new make-up and lots of cleaning. With such a great location and a lot of space there is a lot of junk all around. Definitely one of the worst guesthouses we have seen since we are traveling. Well, it is only for two nights. 

We found a great place to eat some fish and we even tried the scorpion fish since it is a plague here in the Caribbean waters. On Tuesday we are off towards Livingson, Guatemala. We have to keep on going since we have tickets for the World Championship in Brasil. Germany vs. Ghana on the 21st June in Fortaleza.

Accommodation: Nature Way Guesthouse 

Price: BZD 38, double room, shared bathroom 

Comment: The whole room is shaking when someone comes up the stairs. Not
                  the most charming place but it does the purpose.