Bocas del Toro

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Panama

So we crossed an old, deserted railway bridge to cross the river to Panama. You really had to check where you were going since some boards where missing. But we managed to get another stamp in our passport. 

After another long and exhausting trip to Bocas del Toro we arrived the ugly Bocas Town of Colon Island. I don’t know what investors think when they create areas like this. One building next to each other, no beach or plants. Well we stay only for two nights and continue on to Panama City.

When we arrived by boat to the island an African local showed us a cheap place to stay. Funny wise he spoke fluently German. Bocas del Toro, especially Colon Island, is a party place and the walls in our hostel where paper thin. We had a lot of young people enjoying the night life and not really respecting other guests. So the nights were noisy and short.

We met Benjamin, a guy from Meran, which is close to my uncle’s place in Italy. He showed us a bit around and we went to the small island of Carenero. If you want to go to Bocas del Toro stay on a small island to experience their beauty. But for us with not much time left we wanted to have the quick and easy way back to the mainland.

Here in Caranero the beaches and houses where way nicer then on Colon Island but somehow the people here from Panama are not the friendliest and warmest. Most of them seem so serious and don’t really greet back. The kids don’t smile at you, we never experienced this in another country.

Also in the hostels and restaurants where you would expect to be reasonable with their guests but it was a strange atmosphere. Benjamin, fluently in Spanish, said the same and he didn’t want to spend too long in Panama. For us it will be only Panama City with its Canal and then we are off to Colombia. But let’s see maybe the people are a bit different somewhere else.

In the evening we found a fantastic restaurant with great Thai food and friendly locals. Just have to mention the Maracuja Restaurant since this was the best food since months. We had a great evening and probably will see Benjamin in Colombia again.

The next morning, at 7 am we took the boat, taxi and bus to Panama City and arrived after 12 hours. We are excited about the Panama Canal. Let’s see.

Accommodation: Hostel Coconut, Bocas Town, Colon Island

Price: US $ 25 double room, shared bath, kitchen, WiFi, incl. breakfast

Comment: one of the cheaper places in town but the walls are paper thin and the kids are here for
                   party. You don’t get a lot of sleep.