Córdoba - city of universities

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Argentina

We finally found some sleep when suddenly a Police Officer flashed his light into my eyes. In the middle of the night they have stopped the bus to search for drugs with the only tourists in the bus. So we had to get up and show him the content of our small backpacks. The other 17 passengers could snooze along while we had been searched.

Michael was pretty angry about this obvious search and I had my hand full in controlling his anger and explaining the Police Officer in Spanish what we have in our backpacks. When we had to follow him outside to show him our big backs we found four more Police Officers already crouching over our bags. After questioning us they seemed to lose interest in the search and asked us if we consume drugs. I stated due to our profession as Scuba Dive Instructors our lungs are very important for us and “no fumemos nada”.

After this little episode we couldn’t sleep anymore and after 21 hours we arrived in Córdoba. Carrying our heavy bags for over 20 minutes we came out of our lethargy and arrived at the Mate Hostel. Due to the economical price we decided for a private room. Once in a while it’s nice to sleep without snoring people around you.

It was sizzling outside so we changed into shorts and hit the road again. Córdoba is the second largest city of Argentina and has seven Universities and countless churches. In the pedestrian zone it was packed with people so we were wondering if no one had to work. Than we realized all those young people and remembered the statement in our travel guide about the numbers of universities.

In the Cathedral at the Plaza San Martin we found some shelter from the crowd. This magical place with its Spanish Baroque Façade and the neoclassical portico was fantastic. Especially with the light falling through the colorful windows.

We captured a lot of churches with its different architectural styles and walked around town to diverse parks. The Museum Palacio Dioniso was unfortunately closed and after flat feet we returned to our hostel.

Since we have another long bus ride ahead of us, we decided to have an early night. Let’s check out Mendoza and its wineries.

Accommodation: Mate Hostel, Alvear Av., Córdoba

Price: AR$ 90 p.P., double room, shared bathroom, breakfast included

Comment: super friendly staff, spacious bathrooms