Nha Trang

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Vietnam

The nightbus to Nha Trang was the worst ever. You could not lie down properly, so you could not sleep. Sometimes it is good to be small, but the back of a seat is to big to lie comfortable. And there was no toilett!

In Nah Trang we just wanted to make a short stop before we will go down to Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City. So we did spend the day at the beach after having a nice meal at the beach. We found out soon that the wind in Nah Trang makes it quite cold to lie on the beach.

We went back to our hotel to make ourself ready for dinner. We found a spanisch restaurant with all you can eat for ust 4 US. Enormous BBQ on stacks. Pork, chicken or seafood, salat and potatos. It was very delicious. Spanish music in the background...

Michael ate two, the picture for provement how big one was...

Right now we are heading down to Saigon to get a visa for Cambodia before the weekend. We want to head into Cambodia where you don’t get a visa on arrival. More about Saigo later on.