Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Vietnam

On our departure we finally received our letter of approvement to enter Vietnam. Without this document we would’nt get the Visum at the Hanoi Airport. Two weeks before entering we tried to get this document but we had problems because of our closed Pay Pal account. Just two days before our flight we could pay this document and had been lucky to receive it just in time.

We arrived very late but we already booked a hotel what organised a pick up. Suddenly we registered that the traffic was going the other way around. A little confused did we followed the scene.

The traffic was crazy and the rules... No there was no rule. Everyone drives like crazy and with honking and lights you show the other to go away. This crazy honking was driving us crazy and will follow us through Vietnam.

The hotel was very expensive and not worth it. With this continous honking on the streets we needed our earplugs as already in Thailand.

The next day we walked around through Hanoi to get a little feeling for Vietnam. We booked a trip to Sapa. This meant 9 hours in a sleeping train up in the north were we wanted to treck through the jungle to hill tribes. After two days you go back by the nighttrain to Hanoi again. After Sapa we wanted to go to Halong Bai. But this comes later.

To get to know Hanoi we wanted to drive on a ricksha. Therefore we drove through the oldtown. For dinner we definitely were a little bit lost because vietnamese food was really new for us. Therefore we checked for a place where a lot of locals sit around and eat. And somehow we managed to get really good food. We had been afraid, that the people will ask you to buy something continuessly cause this ist what we heard. But you haven’t been to Bali because Vietnam was not a problem at all.

Because we leave really early in the morning, we have an early night.