Valladolid and Chichen Itzá

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Mexico

After a 3 hours ride on the 2nd class bus we arrived in Valladolid. At the Hostal Los Frailes we found a nice hostel with a pool and hammocks. Planning a couple of trips from Valladolid we booked in for 5 nights.

By bike we explored the small and cute little town and passed the Parque Francisco and the Cathedral de San Cervasio. We went inside the old Templo de San Bernardino & Convento de Sisal and in the small museum we got some information how they discovered and recovered old wooden weapons in the Convents’ Cenote.

At the Cenote Oxman we jumped and swam around. It was really cool to see the tree roots growing all the way down in the fresh water. You suddenly stand in front of a big hole and down in 18 m you see the fresh water of the Cenote.

Sure we had to try the Tequila in Mexico so we went on a small and free Tour to see how they produce organic Tequila which tastes way better than the industrial Tequila. Hey Nici, you should give it a try!

In the evening we met with Tony and Thomas, two crazy and nice travelers for dinner. Michael had a special sausage from Valladolid and it was so special it teared up his stomach.

Early morning on the 31st we took a collectivo to the Mayan side Chichen Itzá. At 8:30 am we strolled around the most famous and best restored Maya ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula. The area was massive and the buildings impressive.

Unfortunately you can’t go close or up on the ruins so we admired El Castillo, Gran Juego de Pelota (the massive ball court), Plaza de las Mil Columnas, Templo de los Guerreros (Temple of the Warriors) and so many more buildings.

At 11:30 am the crowds hit but luckily we had the south part for ourselves till we left at 1 pm. Chichen Itzá has up to 2 500 visitors a day – especially tour groups from the States, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands.

In the evening Tony and Thomas came over for dinner and we went next door to a nice little restaurant. Unfortunately Michael’s stomach was still cramping so he couldn’t eat a lot and went to bed early. Hopefully he will be up for some more sightseeing soon.

Accommodation: Hostal del Fraile, Calzada de los Frailes St. # 212 C x 48 y 50,
                          Valladolid (

Price: double room, shared bathroom, Wifi, incl. breakfast M$ 280

Comment: nicely arranged, with kitchen, swimming pool, pool table and
                hammocks – awesome place