Granada - the Pearl of Nicaragua

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Nicaragua

In the first night in Granada the ventilator died on us. I guess it ran hot so we backed in our room. The city seems to have problems with its electricity so when the electricity went off we felt like crossing a dessert. A cold shower became our best friend.

After the revolution in 1856 the city with its colonial houses and churches had been burned down from this crazy Walker, a revolutionist from Leon. After the restoration Granada has an old-new look and is the colonial pearl in Nicaragua.

We and our sun cream lotion where fighting to acclimatize. The cream is water-resistant but not sweat-resistant. I dubbed Michael “Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer” already. Good to see that the locals also have some trouble with the heat.

Somehow we started our trips around town always at the peak time of the craziest temperature. From the clock tower of the church Merced we had a great view over the roof-tops from Granada and the beautiful Cathedral at Parque Central.

The horse-drawn carriages reminded us on Trinidad, Cuba and the people in town where super friendly. With all those bars and restaurants we had have some beer as well. The most expensive one we had in the bar Imagine with Nicaraguan live music singing Beatles songs. And those guys where really good. Just the next day we had to cure our hangover and lack of sleep.

Since the hostel had a shared kitchen we were happy to cook for a change. In Central America with Tortillas, rice and beans you don’t find a big variety. The internet was also a plus (only when we had electricity for sure) to update our website. 

On Monday we wanted to cross the big Lake Nicaragua since the ferry leaves to the Islas Ometepe only twice a week. On the four hours trip the tourists are only allowed to drive in business class, since the locals can’t afford the pricier tickets. Despite of the heat I wouldn’t like end up sitting in a fridge.

From baked to frozen, let’s see!

Accommodation: Hostel Hamaca, Granada 

Price: NIO 300, private room, shared bathroom, Wifi, kitchen use 

Comment: nicely arranged with hammocks and close to the Parque Central.