Our Trip through North America

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This map shows you our stops in North America. It began August 23rd 2012 and ended  February 21st 2013. We took a break to manage a Eco resort in Vanuatu till August 2014. Then we continued our travels in Hawaii State. From January 25th until February 27th 2014 we were traveling in Mexico. 

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trip idea

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After months of planning our route we finally started to sell all our belongings. Our plan was to fly in May 2009 to Nepal for trekking. The flight was already booked. After Nepal we wanted to travel India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia down to Bali. From there it should go to Australia and New Zealand, before we turn to our final destination in Central and South America.

It always happens different than you expect it to come. This plan was not really going to work... Micha got a job offered on the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia for February 2009. The diving school Watercolours offered that Nadine could gain experience between the phases of training to divemaster and instructor.

No sooner said than done ... during their training as an instructor they have asked if we would take over the management of the diving school for the next 2010 season. After brief consideration we confirmed, of course. We were trained by Anke in August 2009 already. This way it came that we spend not 1 but 3 seasons there.

Since a season was from February to October we could spend the remaining weeks for our traveling. So we have traveled after season 2009 through Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The end of 2010 we went to Nepal, Tibet and India.
Late 2011 we made a vacation at home with a short trip into Italy. 2012 we started our trip via Paris and Kuala Lumpur to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Then we had a big road trip through the USA and Canada before we hit Vanuatu in February 2013.

Here we managed a eco dive resort for 6 month. All the fascinating impressions and pictures you will find within the correct page on our homepage. We continued our trip and flew back into the USA. We took the chance to take a stop over in Hawaií State for 4 weeks. Kauai, the Big Island and Oahu were on our list of island we did visit before we flew back the mainland US. We sold our truckcamper in Phoenix with a crying eye.

We picked Jamaica and Cuba as represantatives for the Carrebeans only before we made our way into Mexico (North-Amercia, even if many think it should belong to Centralamerica). In March 2014 we studied Spanish in Guatemala before we explorer more of Central - and South-America. 

If you move your mouse on DESTINATION and click on the continent below, you will see maps of ourtripsthrough Asia, Europe (only bits and bytes), Oceania and North America.Perhaps there issomething you like?Have fun.