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Here we go again. This morning Nadine had to guide already. When you are guiding you just hope to see really special things to show the diver. But on this dive there was so much exciting stuff you even didn´t know what to show. First there showed up a blacktip reef shark and suddenly a Titan Triggerfish fighted with a hugh bumphead parrotfish. The last guy followed us during the dive. We saw a few bluespotted whiptail rays and quite a lot tomato anemonefishes. Hugh puffer- and porcupinefishes were at the reef as well.

Nadine has to get to know the divesites. On some places it´s not a problem guiding without haven´t seen the site before. But some divesites are not that easy and should at least have seen it once before you are guidinig. Therefore she went out to the sugar ship wreck with a friend. Down on 17 m the visibility was really bad. When they went up on 12 m it was great. The best part was the cuttlefish. Just awesome. Big fishschools and hugh pufferfishes again.

She also made a nightdive. Going out at 7:30 pm with a collegue again. Another one was down there with a group. Nadine asked Micha if he has recharched the torch. For the dive everything was fine but on the safety stop the torch just died. But they had a spare one ;o) Diving in the dark was really interesting.

O.K. she has to jump into her wetsuit.


It looks like…

… we are busy. The last couple of weeks it is hard to find some time to write emails or put a report on our homepage. But today we try to give you some more information about our island-life. Nadine collects a lot of dives and she has reached 100. JIPPIE! This is the minimum for becoming a dive instructor. In Juli she will do her Instructor Course over at Flora Bay. Means also that she will be gone for 3 weeks ;o(

Last weeks it happened quite a lot. Beginning of June we did a visa run. We went to the mainland, took a taxi to the border, walked over a bridge to Thailand. Had a healthy check there, got a stemp, went back again over the bridge to Malaysia. Healthy check again and got a stemp. They had been a little surprised seeing us back after 15 minutes. But Malaysia is just so amazing, we have to travel some longer.

In Middle of June we had another day off and did a jungle trek. The first part was aweful cause they went through the jungle with a caterpillar to change some tubes. But later on it was a really small track were we had to climb a lot. It was really adventures. The rest of our free time we spend on the beach.

The last weeks we had been really busy. Nadine is diving three times a day and Micha is so busy with courses. They really need german speeking instructors but it is not easy to get them. But Nadine will do her Instructor Course in Juli and in August we have two german speaking instructors than.

Finally we have a visitor from Germany. Elena arrived and she really likes it. She likes it so much that she will extend her visit at this little island. In August Chris and Kerstin – Nadine´s Bali-Collegues are coming as well.

Today the whole staff goes over to longbeach for a good dinner, relaxing in the bar called safety stop, sitting in the sand, listening to reggae and smoking shisha.

Now we got to go. Have to do something in the shop.

Tokong Laut

Today Nadine had her best dive ever. In the morning it started a little bit weared. 3 out of 4 cancelled because of an ear infection. This meant only one diver left and there was another group going to Tokong Laut. Before she hopped on this boat she had to double check with Peter, cause he was diving with Brendan before.

Brendan only had 5 dives and Tokong Laut with a current can be really tricky. But buddying up with one diver means to be very close in case something happens.

After a quick Buddy Check on the boat they went down on 18m. Because Tokong Laut is a very popular divesite a lot of divers had been already down there. Therefore Nadine decided to swim against the current. After fishes over fishes – big fish schools – they watched 3 Trevallys hunting into those big schools of fusilier schools. Suddenly 2 big blacktip reef sharks appeared shooting into the reef, hunting fishes. Just in front of them they turned around. Nadine hasn´t been so close to a shark. One of the reef sharks came back circling and then swam into the blue.

Than they found a giant moray eel after a brown bambooshark was swimming around looking for a new place to hide. Last one you can see only very rarely. And then there was George. In 2001 there had been already this three legged turtle fascinating all the divers. This fellow isn´t afraid at all and comes very close to divers. George just appeared in front of us and went up to the surface taking a breath. Really amazing!

It is so great that Elena extended her vacation on this little island. She will stay until the 6th of June. Maybe she will stay till the end of the season ;o) Just joking. But there are some people they just fell in love with Paradise.

Greetings from Paradise


Divemaster Course

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Here weg go. Nadine´s Divemaster-course is finished. During the last 23 days she was really busy and she couldn´t make it into the internet. She just had 2 days off. But “off” meant to study a lot.

Unfortunately she had a mad ear infection after one week and she had to stay out of the water for 5 days. According to the tight schedule she had to catch up a lot in the last days. Diving physics and physiologie had been the hardest subjects but finally after hard studying she became a nerd. At least in theory.

During the course there had been a week of internship. There you had to assist and supervise different courses. She learned a lot and on Friday Kate (her Divemaster-trainee-collegue) and her finished the course. Just after a Divemaster-party with a special snorkeltest (check the pics) and maintenance equipment. Now she is officially a PADI Divemaster.

10 days ago there had been a massive thunderstorm. Suddenly a palm tree smacked on a boat. One of our boatdriver had a day off and came from the mainland. The compass was broken and the GPS went dead. The visibility was horrible and they luckily passed by on a little uninhabited island. Without any orientation the would have get lost and would have floated in the middle of the ocean.

Yesterday it rained a lot. Unfortunately it was the first day off for Kate and Nadine and they really looked forward having a beach day. Today the sun reappeared but Micha has the cold and can´t dive due to the lack of equalizing. So Micha stayed in bed and Nadine did her first fun dive. That was relaxing.

Two days ago it had been very busy in the dive center and Nadine already helped out with her first guiding. She had 4 divers and the visibility was horrible. She couldn´t see her last divers and had to wait a little bit until she saw some bubbles. You just don´t want to loose some divers on your first guiding. But for all that they have seen special fishes, rays and nudibranches. Nudibranche sounds worst than it is. They have beautiful colours and look really cool.

Tomorrow Nadine´s first working day at Qatercolours will start. In June she will guide, guide and guide. Now we really got to go and get something to eat. I will bring something for poor Micha.



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