Bye bye world trip, welcome home!

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Germany

After a restless sleep – you can imagine that your head is spinning when you decide to stop travelling the world to head back home - we walked over to the mall. Our flight back home would be late so we checked out the cinema. Unfortunately all the movies where only in Spanish and we knew that our street Spanish without subtitle wouldn’t be enough.

Well, we managed to get through the time and were waiting at the airport. Totally loaded with all our gifts and accessories (Michael had to buy 2 hammocks and 2 hanging chairs, really?) we tried to find a way to check in our luggage. But as usual luck was following us and when we left the expensive rapping guy at the front entrance behind we enjoyed a coffee in the basement and found the cheap rapping station. It didn’t even cost a fourth from the front shop, so be aware, and never take the first opportunity.

Getting excited about our return home we were already thinking of our family and friends. Our parents had made a reservation at a nice restaurant where we wanted to enjoy dinner after our landing.

But for sure it should come differently. In Madrid we couldn’t get our connecting flights since Iberia was too late. Funnywise we weren’t too late but our luggage. Guess what, you can’t fly without your luggage. Actually they offered a Danish guy to fly without his luggage but he didn't want to leave without his expensive equipment. While other passengers checked in we were not allowed to enter the plane. We tried to talk them into it, explained that a bunch of people were waiting for us and we just finished our world trip after 6 years. That they are excited and would be disappointed. Even the Danish helped us and didn't understand why him was offered the opportunity to fly without his gear and not for us.

Needless to say it didn’t work out and we had to call our parents. Dinner reservation was cancelled and we arrived 11pm in Düsseldorf. The former disappointment was gone immediately when we saw our family and friends.

Even our Muckelmäuse – the twin girls from our friends – where even there (we landed pretty late) and it was an overwhelming moment. With mixed feelings we drove to my parents place and were sitting together with them, talking and having champagne. What a great feeling.

We are back home!

Accommodation – Rheinbach: Home Sweet Home

Price: priceless

Comment: it is great to be back home!