Puerto Iguazú – Iguazú Waterfalls

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Argentina

Michael just had a great day with the camera again!

After an 18 hours bus ride we arrived Puerto Iguazú. The hostel was just around the corner of the bus station, so after check-in we headed for the Cataratas Iguazú on the Argentinian side.

Already in the hostel and in the buses we noticed the lack of tourism which was good for us. Less people at the falls in spite of weekend. Due to high water part of the park is closed. Unfortunately the trail Garganta del Diabolo, which must be the most impressive view of the falls.

Well nothing we can do about it so let`s enjoy the rest. First we walked the Macoco Walk to smaller falls and on the way where hundreds of butterflies. They were so beautiful we sometimes just stopped and observed how they were swirling around us and landed on us.

Our plan was just perfect. After the 2 ½ hours hike we finally went for the gigantic Cataratas Iguazú. The falls from the Argentinian side were impressive. You literally walk on top of the falls to several platforms and the thunderous water rashes around you.

The upper part gave us a panoramic view whereas the lower part soaked us completely. The brown water had so much power. What a natural wonder. Only since 40 years the water is read due to all the deforestation. Before the Iguazú Waterfalls had been clear.

The next day we wanted to go to the other side but we couldn’t get into Brazil. Since we had been there 90 days you can only re-enter in three months. Maybe they are still disappointed about the 7:1 loss in the World Cup.

We hoped there would be a one day without Visa exception like we had in Tabatinga,. Here you can go from Leticia, Columbia over to Tabatinga, Brazil without a visa if you only want to stay for one day. This would make perfect sense for all those tourists who want to see the falls for only four hours and heading back.

Well we had some time to sort out pictures and write a report. No sense to think about it too long. Let`s prepare for Cordoba.

Accommodation: Hostel Iguazú Falls, Puerto Iguazú

Price: AR$ 100 p.P., 6 bed dorm, shared bathroom, breakfast included

Comment: Clean hostel with friendly staff and close to the bus station. The garden is nice and full of