Lake Titicaca - Isla del Sol

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Bolivia

Copacabana was small and touristy but in a nice way. We run into Mario, a Suisse actor, and from the very first moment we already felt connected. We decided to go to the island together, so we waited for the 1:30pm boat. Two French girls we had met in La Paz run into us and told us about this great hostel on the island.

Since we wanted to do some trekking we decided to leave our big backs behind and take only small bags. We brought them to a hostel at the bus station and paid around Euro 1 for two nights. Let´s hope they will be still there since we didn´t receive a receipt. 40 kg lighter we jumped on the boat to the Islas des Sol. 

In the north at Ch’allapampa we got off the boat and hiked to the described destination. Constantly looking for a hostel at the beach with a metal fence which had a sun in the center we passed a little village full with donkeys and sheep. 

When we found the cozy place from Victoria and Francesco we immediately were enchanted. A French couple we have met on the boat followed us to this beach and we enjoyed a great dinner together with wine and the legendary trout.

The next day we did a day hike up to the northern ruins. The Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) is the Inca creation site and the birthplace of the sun in the Inca mythology. The walking tracks where easily marked but the sun and the altitude are not to be underestimated.

Happily having another dinner with trout we enjoyed the quiet place and watched the stars the following night. After breakfast the following morning we said goodbye to Mario, whom we felt like we would know him already for a long time, and continued our walk south to catch the boat.

Back in Copacabana we ran into James and Lucie, whom we have met on our Uyuni Salt Flat trip and some guys from the Death Road in La Paz. Together we decided to drive to Puna, Peru to see the Islas Flotantes (Floating Islands). Let´s cross the boarder!

Accommodation: Hostal Challa, Playa del Inca

Price: BOB $ 40 p. p, private room with bathroom

Comment: at the beach in the north of the island. Super friendly Victoria and Francesco cook fantastic trout. This is where you can relax