Amy´s and Troy´s Wedding

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in England

We could manage to postpone our Italy trip we did attend Amy´s and Troy's wedding in England. We booked flights and hotel rooms. Taht was great fun, in addition to Troy, his fiance Amy and his parents, also Kres and Marie arrived the very same day. We knew all these guys from the island in Malaysia.

Brighton was a bit wet and cold. At the pier we were almost blown away. The first day we strolled through the beautiful city and sought shelter in a typical English pub. There we met up with Marie and Kres and were already in a cheerful mood when Troy and his friends from the US joined us.

That night we had a great dinner with a larger group we had Troy's birthday we celebrated at a pub. The next day we made our way into Arundel.

In this enchanted village the wedding should take place. Troy's brother took over the wedding ceremony- as a priest of somewhat liek "Star Wars Society". We were all very excited and we were in common that this was the best ceremony that we had ever seen.

We had a great time and it was just beautiful to see all these guys again!