Family vacation at Lago di Garda

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Italy

It was like turning back time for about 25 years and enjoying a family vacation again with my parents and my sister. My dad had rented an awesome apartment in Moniga del Garda. We explored the narrow streets and the sleepy village.

Even with our very limited Italian we got around and had fun. Since I am always traveling with the sun in my backpack for sure we had great weather. We walked along the shoreline of this massive lake Garda and enjoyed good Italian ice cream.  

The old ruins of a villa were really interesting to see in Sirmione. But also the town itself was already beautiful with its old Fort. We enjoyed the small bars with good espresso and Aperol Spritz.

In Saló we shopped at a market and had fun with this vendor. She sold us fast drying special underwear but the way she sold it, was like being in a Cabaret. It was a bit like: Big Pistoleros, no problema, no ding dong. She grabbed my mom’s breast with her hand to check for the size. It was just legendary.

One day we drove to the beautiful city of Verona and discovered fantastic streets, churches, market places and buildings. From the ancient Arena we had a perfect view over the city. Crossing the river we stopped at a small side café and drank a strong espresso. Drinking while standing safes you money, what a funny business idea.

We bought quite some bottles after tasting different wine and olive oil. Afterwards we stopped at our restaurant were the whole family greeted us happily again. The dinner was just fantastic and for the final evening the family gave us a present – a bottle of Rosé from Moniga del Garda. We come back some time, we promise :O)

Another great vacation came to an end and we packed our belongings in the car. We passed the snowy Brenner on the way home. Thanks again to my family for such a special time together. When was the last time we had a family vacation in this constellation?