South-Tirol - Skiing

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Italy

After so much tropics it was simply time again for us to venture onto the skiis and boards. We did plan our skiing holiday with the family in germany and South-Tirol month ago. First we visited my cousin Daniela in Salzburg. We had the opportunity to catch a glimpse. Unfortunately Dani was so ill that she had to use the the bucket more often. So we moved through the streets most of the time without her. But we knew that she was heading down to the slopes in South-Tirol as well.

So we made our way to Sand in Taufers and checked in to the Villa Calluna - Very stylish and still get the Tirol atmosphere. We felt completely at ease.

We could not stand to go skiing and the next morning we went with my uncle on the slopes. Micha, Nadine, Franz and Nici did not need long to be back safely on ski and snowboard. The 15-year lasting skibreak of Franz - Nadine's father - was not a problem at all.

The non-skiiers would have wonderful walks. We had to defy minus 13 degrees but there is no wrong weather, only inappropriate clothing. A night walk with lanterns to the castle in Taufers and a tour within the castle was followed by mulled wine and cookies in the BurgschaenkeThat was a change of pace. After the hard and long skiing days we went in the sauna and steambath. It was just awesome and relaxing.

Unfortunately over the next days we lost one by one... Nadine´s Dad had a slipped disk in his back while washing his hair in the shower. Next day Micha had a bad crash while snorbording. He suffered a compound fracture of the wrist on a black slopes at Plan de Corones.

He was given a free ride on the sled on an icy and steep black slope. Nadine followed behind the sled and had partly the feeling the sled crashes into the depths. Nadine would have liked to run the slope downhill - another time ?

After a few hours in the hospital and cast on his arm, it was sure for Micha to join the walkers.

We had a great time with your family. Thank you Albert, Elizabeth, Thomas, Irene, Dani and Paul! We'll be back soon and will not be going to Kronplatz again!!