The trip to Ushuaia

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Argentina

Here we are, back in El Calafate to buy our bus tickets into the South. Unfortunately the bus to Rio Gallegos - the connection station for Ushuaia - only leaves at 3 am. The four of us decided to get a 4 bed dorm to snooze a bit and close to the bus station we were lucky and found a good deal.

At 2:30 am we headed back to the bus station to get our first of 4 buses. The temperature outside and inside was only 4 degreas so we had a hard time to fall asleep concentrating on the cold. For sure this time I left my sleeping bag in the big backpack and it was happily traveling in the luggage compartment while I was freezing. 

I was hoping to crawl into the heater system and I was so desperate that I was willing to sleep in Michaels stinking shoes if I would fit into them. Michael took off the seat covers and put it over his knees. We were happy when we arrived in Rio Gallegos early morning to change buses.

And so we continued down to Tierra del Fuego and ended up in a record of speed stamping. Exit stamp in Argentina, entry stamp in Chile, taking the ferry, than exit stamp of Chile and entry stamp for Argentina again. The border controll had some hard time to find space in Michaels Passport but he just doesn´t want to start his new one. Trying to convince the officers they already stamped on pages which are not for the Visa Stamps. Well, he has the goal to fit all the stamps from South America in this Passport. Good luck with this!

Lately my language programm in my brain seems to have a malfunction. The Modul German, English and Spanish seem to mix randomly what is definitely a result of the lack of sleep we are getting in those long bus rides. So we babble happily and hope that our system will reboot some time.

Finally we arrived the End of the World after wearying 27 hours bus ride. Ushuaia is located in a bay, in the north towering the mountains. It´s the southernmost city in the world. So let´s find a hostel before we explore the town.