Change of Plans

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Germany

Because of Micha's broken arm, we were not able to take the flight to the Philippine on 2nd February. We had to remove Borneo as well from our planned trip. After the complicated surgery it will take four weeks of splinting and a two week physical therapy is still present.

Therefore Nadine had enough time for her carpal tunnel surgery. Now we were dealing with two one-armed bandits. But luckily Nadines splint lasted for 13 days only and the impatient tormentor is again redeemed.

Now that means for us we start our trip in Paris 13th March. On 16th March we fly into Kuala Lumpur and on 20th March into Perth - Australia. Philippines and Borneo will not disappear from view and - Asia, we will come again!