Following the Rio Dulce

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Guatemala


We took the boat from Punta Gorda, Belize to Livingston, Guatemala. With only a half our drive we arrived quite early in the little town which is only accessible by boat. Let’s get the entry stamp for Guatemala and look for a place to stay. 

Strolling around the black beach we explored the area where the ocean and the  Dulce River meet. At our Guesthouse Casa Nostra we enjoyed a nice pizza self-made from the Arizonan owner. 

The next morning we took the boat trip up the river to Rio Dulce where we jumped into a Collectivo. We had to change several times the bus in order to get to Chiquimula. Here we wanted to stay one night to get over the border to Honduras. 

How I like those names: Chichicastenango, Chichin Itza (alright, this one is in Mexico) and Chiquimula, isn’t it funny. 

Chiquimula is a very crowded city and it seemed to be that they don’t see a lot of tourist. We found a clean and nice place in the heart of the market with TV. Well let’s practice some Spanish with English movies and Spanish subtitle. 

Michael found a McDonalds and was suddenly super happy. Actually they had a Mall in the town if we wouldn’t know it better we could have been in the States. The people were wearing very modern clothes and it didn’t feel like the other places we have visited in Guatemala. 

The next morning we were off for the border into Honduras. 

Accommodation: Casa Nostra, Livingston 

Price: GTQ 200, double room, shared bathroom 

Comment: a bit pricy for Livingston but they have really good food


Accommodation: El Punto, Chiquimula 

Price: GTQ 100, double room, own bathroom, TV 

Comment: clean and price value hotel in the center of the market