Divemaster Course

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

Here weg go. Nadine´s Divemaster-course is finished. During the last 23 days she was really busy and she couldn´t make it into the internet. She just had 2 days off. But “off” meant to study a lot.

Unfortunately she had a mad ear infection after one week and she had to stay out of the water for 5 days. According to the tight schedule she had to catch up a lot in the last days. Diving physics and physiologie had been the hardest subjects but finally after hard studying she became a nerd. At least in theory.

During the course there had been a week of internship. There you had to assist and supervise different courses. She learned a lot and on Friday Kate (her Divemaster-trainee-collegue) and her finished the course. Just after a Divemaster-party with a special snorkeltest (check the pics) and maintenance equipment. Now she is officially a PADI Divemaster.

10 days ago there had been a massive thunderstorm. Suddenly a palm tree smacked on a boat. One of our boatdriver had a day off and came from the mainland. The compass was broken and the GPS went dead. The visibility was horrible and they luckily passed by on a little uninhabited island. Without any orientation the would have get lost and would have floated in the middle of the ocean.

Yesterday it rained a lot. Unfortunately it was the first day off for Kate and Nadine and they really looked forward having a beach day. Today the sun reappeared but Micha has the cold and can´t dive due to the lack of equalizing. So Micha stayed in bed and Nadine did her first fun dive. That was relaxing.

Two days ago it had been very busy in the dive center and Nadine already helped out with her first guiding. She had 4 divers and the visibility was horrible. She couldn´t see her last divers and had to wait a little bit until she saw some bubbles. You just don´t want to loose some divers on your first guiding. But for all that they have seen special fishes, rays and nudibranches. Nudibranche sounds worst than it is. They have beautiful colours and look really cool.

Tomorrow Nadine´s first working day at Qatercolours will start. In June she will guide, guide and guide. Now we really got to go and get something to eat. I will bring something for poor Micha.