Kuala Lumpur 2009

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

Here we got welcomed by the family Raja and they showed us around. The PetronaTowers and the Golden Triangel we had to see and the Classic Inn where we stayed was perfect situated. Next to this gigantic shopping-mall.

Guess what. This mall was crazy and a German mall would have fitted in there easily 6 times. It had 11 floors and inside was a hugh funpark with rollercoasters. Everywhere you found free WiFi, means sitting in a coffee bar you just had to open up your laptop  and up you go in the world wide web. This is new for us Germans hahaha.

Low Yat was a hugh center, 9 floors full with high-tech like computer, mobile phones, tv, cameras and so on. This was a boys playground and Micha and his father felt like heaven. It was easy to decide buying a small laptop for travelling around. Makes it so much faster and easier to get all the reports and pics on our homepage. And the price was awesome. What to say, we just had to buy it.

For sure, KL doesn’t only has malls. A big birdpark was nice to get away from the big city. Then we went to the BatuCaves, the biggest Hindu temple in a cave near Kuala Lumpur. A few steps later a little bit out of breath we had a perfect view over to KL.

Haniza showed us the historical art centre with malaysian handicraft. Buying directly from the artist it was a lot cheaper and it was really great to get to now them personally. Unfortunately we planned to travel around and our backpack should stay light, therefore we didn’t buy anything. If we would have stayed one week in KL we wouldn’t have fitted in our pants. Haniza and her family invited us in great restaurants and we experienced exotic food. It was great and we thank you a lot. We had a great time with you guys!

In the night of the 12th of November we had to say goodbye to Micha’s parents. Another piece of home left us. It wasn’t easy and we really enjoyed travelling with them. On the 13th Micha and me flew up to Chiang Mai/Thailand. Our backpacker trip could start now.

Accommodation: Classic Inn
Price: US$ 15
Comment: small double room with bathroom. Breakfast included.