Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Vietnam

Because we did not find a good sleep – 5 am we felt asleep – we planned to stay longer in bed. At 12 pm we walked through Hanoi again cause we were leaving to Sapa at 7:30 pm.

Plenty of time and miles later we got some impressions of Hanoi. As most of the big asian cities is Hanoi not a very nice town. It is very loud and the continously honking works your nerves. But peopl;e are really friendly and helpful.

We were searching hours and hours for cold soft drinks.  With no luck at all... Only cold beer was what they served. So we sat down in a small street“cafe“ and got emidiatly two bia (beers).  Two asian men introduced us into the vietnames cuisine. We do not knwo till today what we ate, but it tastet kind of bacon, but was white... Very tasty!

Now and then we discovered that many Vietnames don’t speak any english, not at ll. So you could not ask a thing, we spoke with hands and feet. This is an adventure. We are looking forward to Sapa, even if there might be cold cold weather. They had 0°C, but today they shall have about 15°C, which would not be bad. We will know in some hours.