Auckland – a volcanic city

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in New Zealand

On a brilliant sunny day we strolled through Auckland. The big skyscrapers in the District Area are very similar to other cities so we decided to have a different view of the city. From the Sky Tower we had a great sight.

Auckland is spread over 1 000 sq km and is surrounded from water. The harbor and especially Westhaven Marina was very impressive. It is said that Auckland has the greatest number of pleasure boats per capita of any city in the world.

Via the Queen Street we went over to the Old Government House and the Old Arts Building And Clock Tower back to the car. Than we drove over to One Tree Hill, a dormant volcanic cone once a site of a large Maori fortification. The view over the city and the area was beautiful.

The next day we wanted to have some cultural experiences so we went to the Auckland Museum. The Maori dances were very special and we were impressed especially by a stick game. Each player has two short sticks and you have to throw them to each other without dropping them. Best is when it comes to four players. Amazing. It was ment to train your concentration and coordination.

After the cultural performance we took a guided tour with an 81 year old Maori woman. It was fascinating to get all those cultural experiences from someone who actually lived that way and could tell us more about here tribe and her village. It seemed the displays came to live.

Even thought the white settlers and the Maori people didn’t have the best start they found a better way of living together. The culture and tradition of the Maoris is what makes New Zealand so special.