Whale Watching – Kaikura

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in New Zealand

So we were ready for the whales. After a nice informative movie and a safety video – how to put on a life jacket, where the emergency exit is and so on – we jumped on deck. Since it was the first trip of the day they had to search for the whales.

And the guys where good, they knew what they where doing. Following his sound we found the whale resting on the surface. After 10 minutes of playing the shooting star he got ready to dive again and waved with his tail.

So the crew went on to find some dolphins for us. Suddenly we where surrounded by about 300 dusky dolphins, jumping and diving. It was just amazing. The captain wanted to find us some really rare dolphins – hector dolphins. Those are the smallest dolphins, maximum 1.50m, and only exist in New Zealand. And he found them!

After about 40 minutes we went back to find our whale again. This is about the time the sperm whales can dive. Encircled by albatrosses we found him again blowing water out of his blowhole and this time we got the perfect pictures. What a majestic animal and how sad that the humans almost extinct it.

On our way back we saw some more fur seal colonies and we couldn’t stop smiling. It was fantastic to see this sperm whale. Thanks that they still exist.