Arthur’s Pass

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in New Zealand

Since the Arthur’s Pass road is supposed to be the highest and most spectacular highway across the Southern Alps we had to do it. And it was really spectacular.

Unfortunately the water level at the Cave Stream was too high to do the cave. Given that we are not experienced cavers we decided to walk around and have a look at the exit. It was good that we didn’t decide to enter the cave since the water was pushing out of it angrily at the exit.

Castle Hill with its large limestone rocks was impressive so we climbed up to have a beautiful view at the surrounding snow capped mountains. The Otira Viaduct – a long bridge - was worth a picture even if we had to watch out for the curious kea – the mountain parrot – which loves to nibble away the rubber from your car.

At the Lake Pearson we set up camp and enjoyed the mountain reflections in the lake.