Streak of bad luck continues

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

The next morning we had to get up early since we wanted to check out a 5th wheel, 1994 built, 27 ft long. It seemed to be in great condition. Just before this we had to find the address, where our parents had mistakenly sent us a package. Funny wise it was a highly secured building from an internet company.

After filling out a report at the postal office we hoped to find our package somehow. Cloth and lonely planet was somewhere in Boston or still on the way. Hard to find when the German Post office provides us with the wrong tracking number.

Registering truck and 5th wheel seems to be a problem. Micha did already a research one year ago writing American Vehicle Insurances, asking about registering a car with a German address. Every time we got the answer that this wouldn’t be a problem.

Well why should it be so easy? So we need an American address to register the car.

Luckily Troy’s parents in Arizona helped us out and we could use there address. But Arizona is not around the corner so we got a temporary tag for our truck worth 6 month. For the 5th wheel trailer we organized the title and the power of attorney that Curtis, Troy’s dad could register the trailer for us. Thank you so much Family Slife!

Well first of all we have to pay the 5th wheel in order to get the title. Black clouds were still hovering above us so Micha’s credit card was empty since we have payed the truck with it and mine didn’t work at 90 % of the banks. What a stupid thing that we have the money on our bank account but we have to transfer some first on our credit card account.

After several hours and 25 banks later we decided to go to a teller in a bank and luckily they could help us.

So finally with the title we could send Curtis a night express package for the trailer. Since Arizona needs an Emission test for Diesel trucks we can’t register our truck this way.

We miss the uncomplicated rego in Australia. Walking in, paying $30 and 15 minutes later we are on the road.

So much about America and the land of freedom.