Never ending story

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

We found out that our truck actually has an integrated hitch while waiting for the 5th wheel’s tires. Since there are two kinds of 5th wheel hitches we sure had the wrong one.

So we had to get an adapter which took another two days ordering via internet. Why should it be easy because our German credit card wasn’t accepted at the online shops. So we had to ask Sonny and Linda again. We felt already so bad and the two were so helpful. What would we do without them.

Luckily we can sleep in the 5th wheel at Sonny and Linda’s place so we can arrange already everything. But without a hitch we can’t move the trailer.

So we picked up Micha’s parents from the airport and the first three nights we had to book a motel. 2 ½ weeks weren’t enough to arrange everything. Not with all these obstacles.

Finally we got the adapter for the hitch but when we wanted to get the trailer off the Sonny’s lawn the trailers’ breaks just blocked. Sonny: Sorry for the destroyed lawn.

So the electrics didn’t match and Micha had to redo every single one. He is becoming a specialist in trucks and trailers. What a day.