The powerful city

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

32 Degree Celsius welcomed us when we arrived in America’s capitol. We walked down the Mall and had a look around at the Museums and Monuments. It felt like coming home.

I still knew all the places and memorials except the Martin Luther King Jr. which was built in 2010. The Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln Memorial were as impressive as ever.

From the Old Post Office we had a good view over the government buildings of Washington D.C. and back down we went to the Capitol. Finally I could see the Botanical Gardens because they had been closed back than.

The next day we met with Paul, my guest father from 1997 and it was really funny. He just didn’t change at all.

Later the day we had a tour in the Capitol after we had been visiting the imposing Library of Congress. When I had been living in D.C. in 1997 I always loved this Library and I don’t know how many times I had been in there.

On my top list was definitely the Air and Space Museum. This is one of the best museums I have ever seen. The Smithsonian Institutions offer over 30 museums and research center.

Like little kids we admired all those old airplanes and spaceships, got a good idea about the beginning of flying. After hours we didn’t feel so weightless anymore so after a nice birthday dinner for Michael we went to bed very tired.

Before we left D.C. we met with Andy and his wife Sarah at the Silver Diner. At this Diner I had been so many times during my time as an AuPair in America. It was just great seeing Andy again and so funny. Like Paul, he didn’t change a bit.

Unfortunately Rudy, Chris and Kathleen couldn’t make it, maybe next time. But the Orio Cookie Milkshake was still as awesome as I remember.