On the road, yes

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

Finally we hit the road. Truck and 5th wheel is a big vehicle. So we are taking about 14 m in length.

For sure we have to learn so much more. First campground we had only 20 AMP so we need an adapter for our electricity (we normally need 30 AMP)

Micha got to practice to back in with this big thing. The roads of the national parks are quite small compared to the normal campgrounds. So turning you really have to have an eye everywhere. Rock here, big roots there and for sure trees everywhere. But Micha is really good.

The next morning we jumped in the car to explore a bit the White Mountain National Forest but our Gangsta just didn’t start.

Not more trouble. So we had to call the towing company and while the truck was at the mechanic we played some cards and waited for the call. Finally we got the information that the glow plug solenoid was broken.

Now the truck starts smoothly again. The mechanic liked our truck and said otherwise it is in great condition. Hope so, haha. So if Gangsta doesn’t start with something else we will head towards Canada.

Let’s get to the border.