Why the big apple

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

In Houghton, New York we had a stop over before heading down to New York City. Unfortunately we missed Max and Tinka by one day. They are already on their way back home. Maybe next time!

The destination to our cheap campground at the Floyd Bennet Field, which is the first New York airport, wasn’t that easy. We found restrictions for height and weight everywhere and our GPS just wanted to coordinate us to those roads.

It took us almost 2 ½ hours to find a route around those stupid roads and finally we found our campground in the dark, next to an old airplane hangar.

Since New York has so much to see we decided to stay for 4 days. Wandering around in the Central Park, walking down the 5th Avenue with all its stores, strolling along the blinking Times Square, taking pictures of the Rockefeller Center and enjoying the great view of the Empire State Building, we still had so much to see.

So we stopped at Ground Zero with its horrible memories of 9/11 but we didn’t go in. At the end of our New York trip we got some nice night shots from the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

You could spend weeks in New York City and still haven’t seen everything.

Do you guys know actually why New York is called the “Big Apple”? Well check it out, didn’t know it either :O)