Mekong Delta

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Vietnam

From Saigon we made our way three days into the Mekong Delta. We met two German travellers, again…. We met them already in Cat Ba and Hue. Sometimes the wirld is a village…. Our first masstourism tour with 45 people started in My Tho where we discovered four island by boat – Elephant, Dragon, Turtle und Unicorn Island. 20 Mio. people living in the Mekong Delta, in My Tho about 2 Mio. Crazy.

On one of the islands we jumped on a bike. We drove around for 45 minutes. As we are really curious we left the main street within minutes. Even if the mainstreet is small, not even two cars could pass each other. We drove on a small cravel road through ricefields an basic houses. It was really wonderful cause the kids greeted us like they hav enevern seen any western people. It was just pretty.

Later on we went to a noodlefarm on small boats with four people. We watched the progress of making noodles. They do everything by hands. That’s faszinating. Back on the big boats we drove to Cantho where we spend the night. We had dinner with a couple from Poland and two girls from the States. It’s interesting that you have such good conversations. It was a long night.

Next day started at 6 am again. We went to see the floating market where you can buy anything to eat. The kids don’t go to school and help their parents from 4.30 am till 5.30 pm. So, where is the future of this kids going to be?

Then we went to a beefarm and fruit plantage, where we could try some fresh fruits. A hugh jack fruit had to be on the picture. Right next to it was a little splash of water.

Nadine stood next to it, but anothe tourist just stepped into it and disappeared. The water was so deep that he did not hit the ground, other people helped him out of the hole. Then he was awake!

Before we went to our hotel in Chao Doc we went up onto the Sam mountaine. It was such a marvelous view to Cambodia. We went to bed early because 6 am is not our time. Even if the Vietnames are already awake since one hour. Early birds! Day three started again at 6 am.

We went to a fishfarm, where they have 100.000 fishes in a pool 20 by 10 by 6 m. They get around 1,50 US each fish when they sell them after 10 month. The pools are underneath their houses. For the transport they have special boats filled with water.

Before we took the boat to the border we visited the Cham. They are a minority, because they are muslims.

After six hours boat dirve with a short stop at the border we jumped into a car to Phnom Phen. We had top changed this car because of a engine failure, but we survived even that.