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This was the most expensive flight ever... US$ 158.... But the airport wanted to have 25 US each for leaving Cambodia. But, Laos, we are coming...

We came on Sunday and where lucky to find a room, because almost everything was booked out. Laos is more expensive than other asian countries. So our travel tip: Start in Laos, go to Cambodia, continuo to Vietnam, and end in Thailand. Then it gets cheaper and cheaper and cheaper…. But its not about the price, you pay less and you get more….

But don’t let big prices destroy your feeling for a country. So we are on the run to gain experiences. So we got a bike again and went to the Buddha park 25 km away from Vientiane. This was just sh….. This is not worth it if you have been to temples or Angkor. The park is just a joke… bad artist did these concrete Buddha….

So we did not spend much time there.  So we went to Pha That Luang which is the most important monument for Laos and the Buddhists in Laos. It’s a stupa, 45 m high. On our way there we had a flat tire. The mechanic did not speak a word English but 10 minutes and 3 bucks later we were on the road again.

We passed the Vientiane Arc de Triomphe – Patuaxai – to Si Sakret. It’s a temple from 17th century. This was the only temple did not get destroyed from the Siamnes in 1828.

When we did return the bike we got the money back for the tire repair.  We were really surprised about that.

This evening we went to the Riverfront nightmarket.

We had no idea wat a Laos hotpot is, so we ordered it. It could not be so difficult; we already had a Cambodian cooking class, so this could not be so hard… The hotpot is a clay pot with broth in a small “fireplace”. Then you get your cooking materials. Noodles, mushrooms, spices and egg. You could choose beef, seafood, chicken. Make it all in small pieces and put it into the pot. Leave it for 10 minutes and start eating. TRY it!!!

Somebody spend this dinner with us. Mr. Albino cat…. He spend all the time on Nadines lap… He slept and dreamed! It was not easy to go, because he was so lovely.

Tomorrow we go to Vang Vieng. We decided to spend New Years Eve there, it’s a party place! Kajaking, tubing, climbing, trekking, cycling, whatever, do it here… It will be packed!

Accommodation: Suphaphone Guesthouse

Price: US$ 22

Comment: Big clean room in a quiet sidestreet