Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Nepal

After an interesting week we made it to Nepal. We were here two days earlier than expected and did experience stuff you will never forget.

Wehad a pick up from Yogesh and slept very well the first night. On our second day we discovered that none off our bank cards or our mobile were working. Nevertheless, Kathmandu is a paradise for shopping trekking materials and clothes.

After  buying  two Skiing pants, two pairs off fleece underwear and one doublefleece for about 100 US we made city sightseeing. We went to Hindu temple, Buddhst stupa and monkey temple in 6 hours. And again a situation you have to imagine::

Two cars on a wide street driving towards each other would be able to pass each other even if there is a blockage on one side. The drivers do not want to change course and stop 4 meters away from each other and start discussing about how has to give way. This conversation lasted 15 Minutes and we just bit our tongues not to laugh out loud.

The Hindu temple was showing us open air cremation. This is a strange thing to see. In Europe: high temperature burning oven, here: open with wood, clothes, sugar some give away. It takes about two hours and then they throw the rest into the river.


Still deeply in our thoughts we enter a book store just behind Reinhold Messner. He is the one who made it first on top off the world alone with no oxygen in 1980. Certainly I asked for a signature. I was filmed as they did a documentation about him.