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We made it into Lhasa and were very shocked. Everything looks so Chinese. Militay and police everywhere. We doubt that we can do Micha’s picture. He has the Tibetean banner tattooed and wants to have the Potala in background when he lifts his shirt.

Today Potala. You only have a time limit in this Palace and pictures are strictly forbidden. Lets make this short. Potala is an amazing palace and worth it. Try to block the guards out off your mind and enjoy being at the palace off Dalai Lama.

The view outside is just mind blowing. Have a look at the pictures to get a bit off an idea.

I made a video (which is also strictly forbidden!) from the sleeping room off the Dala Lama. Hopefully I can get one nice picture out off this. The Chinese government does not want to show any pictures to the world off the Palace.

Today a live dream came true for me as I am thinking off this place since ages. I will see it again if the Dalai Lama is coming back to live here one day!

Our guide is also strictly forbidden to talk about some subjects and to use different words. The guards force our guide to hurry up and run us through the palace, surveillance cameras, civil guards and military everywhere. It is disgusting to see what China is allowed to do to a country and their citizens. Every day we find more reasons not to travel into China!

On a street corner was just the right moment and I could make my picture. Have a look in our gallery. My view was Military and Police on the streets. 

We made it without getting busted.

We also went to Jokhang Temple and two more monasteries. We finished off with two times dinner at a street kitchen. Just amazing food!!!

Fact: country and people (Tibeter) are very beautiful, but the Chinese surveillance is not nice at all.