Lucky Bay and Skippy on the beach– Esperance

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

We broke down between Albany and Esperance – no petrol. Just 32 km before the next petrol station. The wind and the high dips used quite some petrol. Well we have to get to know our car a bit better.

Fortunately a couple just came by and Nadine hopped on board with our spare tank. At the petrol station she could organize a drive back. So all easy.

What do we learn out of this? The big bag has to get off the roof – too much windbreak -  always fill your spare tank and use every petrol station you can get. Sometimes they are over 300 km away from each other.

In Esperance we drove the Great Ocean Drive and stopped and nice beaches as Nine Mile Beach, Twilight Beach und Blue Haven. The Pink Lake wasn’t pink anymore due to heavy rain. Normally the combination of an algae and a bacterial makes it appear pink.

At the 200m Tanker Jetty we said hello to Sammy the sea lion. He waited for some leftovers from the fishers.

For lunch we drove to Lucky Bay and watched Skippy the kangaroo. Nadine went for a swim – the water was quite chilly. Where is the nice water temperature of 30 degree from Perhentian Island? We are just sissies.