Great Ocean Road

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

Steep coast lines, massive waves, alleys of eucalyptus trees and bendy streets, this is the Great Ocean Road. The picturesque way along the coast line was fascinating and the sound of the waves travelled with us.

Since we were addicted to dirt roads we found another small route through a eucalyptus forest. In the trees we saw them, those cute, fluffy and slow animals – koalas. It is great to see them in nature. After 20 we stopped counting.

Along the coast we found some incredibly beautiful camp areas – at the beach or next to a river, so we took our time to follow the Great Ocean Road. The cold, windy temperature couldn’t stop us from strolling along the beach - barefoot - with a glass of red wine.

Just behind Apollo Bay the Shipwreck Coast starts. With over 800 wrecks you can say it is a battle to navigate due to the high waves and the sudden changes of wind. You don’t want to mass with those waves, they mass with you, so you better stay out of the water.

Eleven years ago Micha had been driving along the Great Ocean Road together with Ralf and Ursel. Here and there he got a déjà-vu. It is nice to recognize places.

Since we are talking about familiar things, here it was – Aldi. For the ones who do not know, Aldi is a German supermarket with reasonable prices. When you stroll through the ailes it is almost like at home only the products vary a bit. But you get fruit and veggies for far better prices then Coles, Woolworth or Coles. So Aldi it is for shopping food in future.