Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

In Port Douglas we had arranged a dive trip to the outer reef. With the Poseidon we did 3 dives. 60 other people joined us – luckily most of them only for snorkeling and discover scuba diving.

So with 7 certified divers and one guide we dove 3 Agincourt Reefs which where actually nice. We where a bit cold On our third dive since the water temperature was only 26 degree Celsius. Our guide was a bit quick but we took our time and found some nice things.

Fact: Diving here is very expensive and we didn’t see so much different things than in Malaysia. There is plenty of nice fish on the reef but also small. The reefs looked healthy and that was the reason why we wanted to go to the outer reef since the inner reefs are quite damaged. The visibility was alright but unfortunately it was very cloudy.

The next day we drove up to Cape Tribulation for a day trip. Cape Tribulation is a beautiful area surrounded by lush rainforest which touched the waterfront. So we strolled around the beaches without swimming. You don’t want to share the water with saltwater crocodiles and marine stingers.

After we have explored the jungle we went back south towards Whitsunday Islands.