Melbourne and the Trade Halls

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

From Maxine and Garreth we got a phone number of their friend Jacob in Melbourne where we could stay with our campervan. So we called him up and got the best campground in Melbourne – the garage of the Trade Halls.

It couldn’t be better since the Trade Halls are situated at the Carlton district in Melbourne - a perfect strategic point to walk around the city. So we walked around the different districts, Fitzroy with its little cafes and extraordinary stores, Carlton with its Italian restaurants and nice houses, Yarra Park with different sport stadiums and the Centre with massive University Complex, business buildings and art galleries.

The city fascinated us so we stayed 5 days. Even the rain couldn’t spoil our excitement and we used the wet time inside the Melbourne Museum. The exhibitions about the earth, body and soul and the sea and land animals was so impressive, we could have spent the whole day.

Between the food- and clothe stalls of the Victoria Market it was packed with life. The Melbourne Central had a day with live music and special offers to attract people. The Botanical Garden is a peaceful place to relax and walk around the plants and waterfront. How it looks like in summer time? And a street actor involved Micha in a Saturday Night Fever performance, so we had a great time.

Our plan was to meet up with Cynthia in Adelaide so it was time to get on the beautiful Great Ocean Road and head west.