Kings Canyon and MacDonnell Ranges

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

The trek around the Kings Canyon brought us to a beautiful lush garden called Garden Eden – a billabong with big trees.

Afterwards we stopped in Alice Springs for shopping and went off to the MacDonnell Ranges. On our trip into the mountains we met a nice family, had good barbecue together and got some great advices.

In the West MacDonnell Ranges we had quite an adventurous trek. We had to get our backpacks above our heads and waded through chest high water. Luckily our camera equipment stayed dry.

Since we where waiting for a camera lens we had ordered at Anke’s place, which haven’t arrived in time, we headed back to the Alice Springs post office. But it wasn’t here yet so we had another wonderful day in the East MacDonnell Ranges.