Blue Mountains

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

Blue Mountains with its beautiful scenery was our next stop before the big city. We spent two nights next to a little river joining an Italian traveler. He had collected plenty of fire wood so we could chill out at the bonfire with a glass of wine and the cold nights got a bit shorter.

The Gran Canyon Walk – thought the Gran Canyon is in the US – was mind blowing. A bit of the Alps combined with lush jungle. Three rocks emerging from a massive forest are called three sisters. It is said that there father turned them into rocks to protect them from an evil wizard. After his hunt he wanted to turn them back but the evil wizard keeps him away from his daughters.

We just had finished a 4 hours hiking tour so we also wanted to do the Giant Stairways. The signs where pretty clear about the level of the track -“very steep, very strong walkers only.” So off we went and the legs felt a bit like jelly afterwards. Heart rate was under control. Good that our campervan was parked away another 2.5 km.

It was just a great time and we would have loved to spend some more for hiking but the time had come to drive to Sydney. We have to sell our lovely campervan Mighty Boy. So let’s get to Sydney.