Echuca and the steam engines

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

Echuca is the city of steam boats in Australia and has a cute old town. The historical quay with the old steam engine boats and old hotels was fascinating. At the harbor we learned about the fast growing industry of steam engines in the 1850th and in the Star Hotel we followed the underground bar and tunnel which was a popular place to have a drink in the old times of prohibition.

The upper floor of the Bridge Hotel hasn’t been changed so you can have a look at the old rooms and furniture. The steam enginges and old cars where so fascinating that we decided to go to the Steam Rally the next day.

At the rally we just realized how much easier it is today in industry and farming. Old steam engines moving tractors, producing hey balls, power, light, steaming milk, used for fire fighters to pump water, producing power for the sheep shearers and so on.

Damn isn’t it easy for us now to switch on the light or turn on the water tap. Well on our trip we experience right now no running water and light only from the head torch. But still we have way more luxury than in the 1850th.

And for sure there were plenty of old cars from 1930 till 1970. So we enjoyed the day and took plenty of pictures.

It’s easy to forget how easy everything is today…