Vinh Moc Tunnel

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Vietnam

Today we did a small adventure. The possibilities were to takle a big touristbus, a expensive solo-bustour or a motocycle. What we took you can see on the pictures...

Everybody told us not to do that. 110 km on a scooter? Each direction? Stupit idea, to much of a hastle and stress... Hm, we did it anyway. When it started raining after 10 km we doubted if this was a good idea. When it stopped raining 30 minutes later we knew, this was the right thing to do! When we got the tickets at the tunnels it just turned out that nobody was there. JUST us!!! So we had the tunnels for ourself.

We went to see the small museum bevor we entered the tunnels. There had been pictures of a newborn-station and small kids who had been born in the tunnels. Just after we took a picture of a small kid in diapers and gun we had a small vietnames guy next to us. He tried to „tell“ us something. A few moments later we understood. The newborn and the small kid on the picture with the diaber and the gun was the same kid. The guy who just showed us the pictures, the guy next to us, just some 40 years later. That fast we had a personel guide who wanted to show us the place he was born. 

These tunnels are about 2. 8 km long and the three stories are digged by hand. Storie 3 is 23 m deep under the surface. The tunnels themself are approximatly 90 to 130 cm wide and 150 till 180 cm high. Even Nadine had to bend the head. Our guide did not speak a single english word. But that did not matter. The atmosphere itself pulled us in. It just took every word you could think of. Except for some „Wow, amazing, unbelivabel“ we did not say much.

We used entrance 3 and saw familyrooms not bigger than 1,5m x 1,2m x 1m. We discovered wells and washing rooms where teh water did not come out of a tap but the wall. There were meeting rooms and bomb shelter for protecting the people. Several exits lead to the sea.

We did not recognize the time. After one hour we left the tunnels. This was an absolute highlight! Wicked! This is for everybody who was disappointed with the Cu Chi Tunnels or for highlight seekers. Not for people with claustrophopia.

We made our way back to Hue, 110 km still ahead. Ladscape was pretty nice even when it was hazy. We had to stand the rain again but fortunatly the was a bathtub waiting for us. Tomorrow morning at 7 am we head down to Hoi An, where we stay two nights before we go to Nah Trang. Head for teh south, into the sun.