Hoi An

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Vietnam

This small city has a charming lifestyle. The different handicraft lay out in the small shops in the tiny streets, very nice, veryu cosy. Our hotel was a little away from all the traffic, so it was really quite. The first day we discoverd the streets and figuered out how to do My Son and how toi travel on to th south. We book cheap tickets on a Open Tour Bus down to Nah Trang, Saigon and Phu Quoc.

On our next day trip through Hoi Ans Old town we went to Pagodas, museums and assembly halls as well as a „Old House“ which belongs to one family since seven generations. We gained nice views into the history of traiding over the last centurys and pictures when tousands of ships landed in Hoi An.

Who wants to visit Hoi An in between late September and late November should get some information about high water. The „Old House“ had highwater marks. One of the highest about 3 m above normal, which means 2 m high in the house was just 8 weeks old.

The trip to My Son was a small taste what we can expect in Ankor Wat. Loads of theses old ruins got destroyed in teh Viet Nam War. Till today archeologists try to fugure out how these temples where build in the 4th century. There is no sight of mortar. There is also a secret about the briggs. They don’t have anything growing on them, not even when they are completly wet. Surrounded by jungle it was cool to see these buildings.

On our way back we took the boat. We wnet to a small village to see even better handicraft than in Hoi An. This touristictour wasn’t that much our taste, but sometime it is easier to follow the crowd. This evening we head down to Nah Trang.