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Funny, but now we are in India!

After bargaining about the Rikscha price we made it into the Old city of Varanasi.

Without a local we would be lost on our way to a hotel as this is a labyrinth. It is amazing but so small alleys only. Everything is damn dirty and stinks so much. Poo everywhere and animals where ever you look. Intersting somehow.

It is so easy to get lost here.   

We went to see the Ghats. So we saw open cremation again. Varanasi at Ganga is quite nice if there would not be rubbish and shit from dogs, cows and humans everywhere.

The Indians wash themselves in the Ganga which has 3000 times more bacteria in 1 liter of water than usually in Europe.   

We did the early morning boat ride on the Ganga, loads off people for praying services, sports and washing to see. It looks like in Venice, Italy. Nice.

You get offers off silk, boats, Hash, Marihuana, Opium, etc…They are sometimes 8 years old only. That’s really strange. Everybody stares at you as there are so many Indians. There are some Western people but not many. It is kind off funny when locals ass you to have a picture taken with them. Sometimes with their babies! That’s because we look different.

Tomorrow we are on the way to Agra (Taj Mahal) with the train, within 15 hours.

And guys, food is so DELICIOUS here!!!!!

Puja Hotel – IDR 400 (nice, hot shower, TV, hard bed)