Coimbatore - It turns out to be different than you think!

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in India

Next morning we got help from Mukesh booking a taxi. The trip should cost IRP 7 / km. We wanted to go to the Wildlife Park, so we had to pay the return of the empty taxi as well. We decided to go by taxi as the registration office of the park was not easily accessible by bus. 

We arrived in Pollachi at the office after 20 minutes search. We had to find out that they renamed the park. The Indian government spends billions to rename streets, cities and parks as if they do not have better things to do!

Unfortunately there is a festival going one right now so all the parks are booked out for the next 4 days. Unfortunately we had no idea about this. So we decided to jump back into the taxi to drive back to Coimbatore and changed our travel plans.

At arrival in Coimbatore we had a long discussion with the taxi guys. They wanted to have three times the price but we had paid the empty taxi anyway so we did not pay. So is unfortunately quite typical for India.

Mukesh helped us again and we had nice dinner together. After having a interesting conversation about culture differences we decided to head for Kochi next. This time we took a tourist bus full of Indians.