Agra – Taj Mahal

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in India

The first night train we took in India should be a little more luxurious, so we booked AC2 Tier. This one is different than the 4 person compartment in Vietnam. Here it is only a curtain between bed and aisle.

Right in the beginning we watched two mice trying to catch our feet and we had to look for cockroaches. We tried to convince ourselves to see only bugs in them.

We arrived in Agra after 14 hour ride and did check into a small hotel with a beautiful view onto the Taj Mahal. After breakfast we went to see the Fort as we did not want to be within thousands of tourist sightseeing the Taj Mahal. Our plan was to see it the next morning at 6am. It opened up at 6.30am but we were within the first dozen of people inside the Taj. The architecture is heart stopping. It was worth getting up that earl as we have pictures with nobody in the picture.

We took the local bus to Delhi and felt like aliens. It does not happen often that white people are using local transportation. From the very first moment in India people watch you all the time. Suddenly you have a baby in your arm to get a picture taken or some juveniles do make pictures of you. First all together and then one by one… Or school kids in the bus next to yours start screaming when they see you, that makes you feel like a film star.

Well, we are on the way to Delhi.