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When we arrived in Delhi our car-rickshaw driver did not know where our hotel was. So he dropped us off behind the New Delhi train station. Some locals asked us if they could show us a hotel room. As we said yes they put our bag packs onto a cycle rickshaw which should be free, that’s what they said as they would bring us to the hotel around the corner. The room was too expensive for us and of course the rickshaw driver wanted to have some money. We did not pay!!!

Surprisingly we found the hotel we had in mind just in that street, reasoning pricing and ok. The employees there were very friendly and chased the rickshaw driver away. We made our way through some dark streets seeking food. A very small fruits and vegetable market had what we were looking for and as there were many women eating we decided to do the same. It was yummy and very delicious, but damn spicy.

We slept late the next day and made our way to the government part with president residency and secretary buildings. You can see the English influence here well. It looks a little bit like in London. We went sightseeing for the Indian Gate and the Gandi Smitri. Here we could see his last steps before his assassination. Too much information about the background but we took only a brief overview.

We took the Metro which is damn cheap in Delhi. We did half Delhi and only paid 1 Euro for the two of us. Sweet!

Today we are flying into Mumbai, 2000km domestic flight.