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searching for a tomb

Ooty is a famous hill station in south India. But this was not the reason we came here. Nadine’s grand aunt lived in Ooty in a convent for 60 years to support poor, sick and disabled people and foster kids.

She received a German Honor Medal, comparable to the Silver Star, for her extraordinary services and died with 81 years in 1995. None of her relatives ever made it to her tomb. So we headed for Kotagiri where the grave should be. And we managed to find the grave!

It was absolutely stunning! We eventually met Sisters which new her and adored her work. Unfortunately we missed Superior Kathrine Paulo who wrote the letter to my grandfather about the death of his sister. At least they were able to give us a telephone number since Sister Kathrine Paulo was on family vacation close to Kochi, which is coincidently our next destination.

The Sisters of the Convent were so amazed that a relative showed up to find the grave. They gave us more stories and pictures of Sister Hilga and we are very happy to pass them on to my granddad. This was my very special event for this year already!

miniature train

From Ooty a miniature train leaves for Mettupalayam through steep hills and narrow forest. 35 km in 3.5 hours, what an experience as there is only this one in India!!! As this is a special way off travelling, very popular, we pre booked our seats.

Very funny experience, 10 people where better should sit only 6. The luggage did not fit underneath the seats so we had to sit on top as well. Very uncomfortable and warm!

But the landscape was so breathtaking it covered up the lack of comfort.

For the rest of the trip we took a taxi to Coimbatore to find a hotel for one night. The plan for the next day is Indira Ghandi Wildlife Sanctury – to see wild animals.