Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in India

17.-18.12.2010 and 20.-22.12.2010

With two hours delay we made it into Mumbai. We took a prepaid taxi as we did not have any fun having discussions about the prices. And guess what, the driver tried even then. He drove onto the troll road and wanted us to pay the toll. We said that we are going to call the police and took the mobile out. He took this thread as serious and turned around to drive the normal way.

As usually he did not know where to go so we played the navigator. Thanks to Lonely planet maps we found our way. As Mumbai is very expensive we took a room without bathroom.

We did not run around long as we left for Aurangabad the next day. We thought, lets save money and drive local bus to the train station. We made it into the correct bus and were dropped off at the false Mumbai Centre train station. So we took a taxi to next station as we were in time troubles now. We decided to do the taximeter as we paid only 370 IDRT for 2.5 hours ride from airport into city. He charged us the night charge as we found out later sitting in the train. Fucking criminals! All cheaters.

This makes traveling so hard in India. You have to be careful all the time and even with our knowledge about traveling in Asia. They rip you off whenever they can.

Nadine was sitting on the aisle and had to deal with people trying to sit on her lap, male locals having the belly and penis at her arm etc. They do not care but do not mean it strange. They are so used to touching people that this is absolutely normal.

7 hours later we arrived in Aurangabad and guess what, our pick up was not there.

We to a rickshaw and got the last room in the hotel. Tomorrow we go for Ellora. 0